THT assembly

Even though the conventional THT assembly is mostly replaced by the SMD, there are still numerous components such as connectors, coils or huge condensers requiring a wired THT assembly. Unlike with the SMD assembly, the components are fed through the contact holes on the PCB. Afterwards, they are soldered either by wave soldering, selective soldering or manual soldering (according to prior agreement with the customer).

The process flow of THT production effected by a.p. microelectronic

The THT assembly is effected by a.p. microelectronic either on laser-guided assembly benches or manually by qualified staff on the basis of state-of-the-art production lines. In this case, both pure THT and mixed assembly processes are possible. Of course, all technical equipment and devices are up-to-date and are maintained on a regular basis. Consequently, a reliable high-quality assembly is ensured.

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THT/ Welle/ Selektive
THT / Welle/ Selektive