Detailed directions

  • Exit Porta Westfalica
  • Take the B 482 in the direction of Porta Westfalica/Minden/Barkhausen.
  • After 2.5 km turn right before the tunnel in the direction of Barkhausen.
  • Turn left at the traffic lights.
  • On the bridge “Weserbrücke” keep right in the direction of B 61/“Weserauentunnel”.
  • After the tunnel keep left until you reach the roundabout.
  • Get into the left-hand lane at the roundabout, turn left at the traffic lights and then get into the right-hand lane before the next traffic lights in the direction of Lübbecke/B 65.
  • At the 4th traffic lights turn right into Dützener Weg.
  • Follow the road (crosses over into Petershäger Weg).
  • At the 1st traffic lights turn left into Königstraße.
  • After approx. 1.5 km, you will see the factory entrance of a.p. microelectronic on the right-hand side.