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„a.p. microelectronic – A modern partner for the automotive industry“

We have been supplying high-quality products for the automotive industry for over 35 years. As a modern partner, we are immersed in the latest trends and developments in automotive engineering.

Boot Lid Control Unit/Boot Lid Sensors for Spindle Drives

The boot lid control unit was developed and tested under challenging conditions. It controls the motor, lock, and closing aid for the automatic opening and closing of a boot lid. It offers anti-lock protection through position monitoring via Hall sensor pulses from the drive. The control unit communicates via CAN bus. Due to the positioning of the control unit, special attention is being paid to the unit´s resistance to vibration.

The hall sensor module for the boot lid opening measures the motor speed and direction of rotation of the spindle drive. It is used for motor interference suppression and also serves as the link between the motor wiring harness and the drive unit. To meet these requirements, the electronics were designed within the early stage of the project. The sophisticated mechanical concept ensures a high packing density.


The operation of navigation devices and car radios require a wide variety of vehicle information that is not always hard wired, i.e. available directly on wires. This compact module processes signals from the CAN data bus of the vehicle. These signals are then sent parallelly to the terminal device via short wiring from the circuit. Therefore, they are short-circuit-proof.

Gear Selector Electronics/Gear Indicator

Option 1

  • Simple illuminated display
  • The illumination of the light guide systems and the functional lighting is designed according to customer requirements
  • Implementation of assembly space specifications
  • Alignment of mechanics/electronics

Option 2

Control board including position recognition by digital Hall sensors

Option 3

A combination of option 1 and 2

Trailer Control Module

Various trailer control modules that are produced, are used and installed both as original equipment and retrofits. These electronic modules operate on a CAN basis, or also use relays to switch various control and power signals and monitor the trailer lights. Manufacturing, mounting into the housing, labelling and the subsequent functionality test are performed with a software at the premises of a.p. microelectronic.

Display Electronics

a.p. microelectronic is a competent partner when it comes to the development and manufacturing of display modules. The centre display shows the operating functions and settings in the vehicle. It is placed behind the parabolic disc in the heart of the cockpit. Its compact design allows for all display functions to be combined and processed together.

Spoiler Control Unit

The spoiler control unit controls the rear spoiler of the vehicle.

In order to find the optimum grip on the road at different speeds, sensors and actuators control the raising and lowering of the rear spoiler. It is controlled by the control unit using BLDC motors.

Distance Warning Indicator

The distance warning indicator is positioned as an LED display on the dashboard. When six red lights are flashing, the distance warning indicator informs the driver that the brake pedal should be applied, as the vehicle in front is too near.

Identification Module

This module is installed in the vehicle´s gearbox and stores operating data in order to obtain information on wear and tear. It communicates with the vehicle via a current loop. The challenging environment places high demands on the quality and robustness of the materials used. All components are designed for a temperature range of -40 ° to 160 °C. The electronics are protected against the penetration of aggressive oil by a specially developed encapsulation.