a.p. microelectronic – Engineering and Controls

"Controls and Switches for Engineering"
Machine Control

The complex control system is installed on paper printing machines. The machine operator can set the machine to synchronise the webs during papermaking by means of the membrane keyboard. The control with membrane keyboard is produced separately and is then fully assembled in an aluminium housing. After the components have been individually tested with the ICT, the components are assembled and a final EOL test takes place.


A keyboard with membrane keypad in an aluminium housing is used directly at the machine in order to operate it separately within the printing plant, in addition to the control electronics.

Bonnet and Flap Controls

The electronics control and regulate the actuators, which then automatically adjust various flaps or bonnet systems. In conjunction with spindle actuators (Powerliftgate, PLG), the electronics developed and produced will be part of an overall system that controls various flaps or bonnet systems of automatic test equipment or industrial cleaning systems.