Encapsulation and Coating

Many electronic assemblies, especially in the automotive sector, must withstand strong environmental influences and still function faultlessly. In order to maintain the functionality of the assembly, it is often advisable to protect printed circuit boards from environmental influences by encapsulation or coating.

The Process

Dip Coating

In dip coating, the manufactured assembly is immersed into a bath of protective coating material by a coating machine. It is possible to coat either the entire printed circuit board or only a part of it. Once the printed circuit board has dried in the drying cabinet or at room temperature, it is protection as necessary.


As an alternative, we offer encapsulation with a 1 or 2 component encapsulation compound. Here we differentiate between two manufacturing processes in our company: The encapsulation resin is either applied directly to the printed circuit board or the assembly is completely encapsulated in a housing.