Professional Device Assembly

„Perfect traceability through the system ‘Doku Soft’ –
we guarantee to our customer a full traceability of the production batch“

We use a modern and structured production area which enables us to assemble modules according to your specifications using assembly cells, line assembly or flow production.

The workstations are equipped with modern technology. The workstations are set up individually according to requirements, whether they are developed by the customer or by us.

What we can do:

  • Assembly of printed circuit boards in one housing
  • Assembly of complete systems incl. wiring harness and flexible lines
  • Programming of assemblies
  • Testing, final inspection and labelling
  • Packaging into customer specific trays, KLTs or carton
Montage von Leiterplatten in ein Gehäuse
Montage von Leiterplatten in ein Gehäuse