Testing and Inspection Options

„Our mission is to provide a zero-defect strategy for your product, whether through optical or electronic testing“

We strictly follow the “Poka Yoke” procedure. To this end, we have various testing and inspection devices at our disposal that optimise the production process of your assembly. The safety and reliability of your product are our highest priority. A testing strategy is therefore drawn up in advance together with the customer.

AOI – Automated Optical Inspection

In this optical inspection, the printed circuit board is inspected for wrong polarity, missing components and defective solder joints. A camera scans the printed circuit board and takes several images, which are evaluated by a software specially developed by us. This software also identifies faults. Our specialist staff can then analyse errors and quickly correct them at professional rework stations.

EOL – End of Line Testing

The testing and inspection devices are designed and manufactured by our experienced development team. Through long-standing partnerships with selected suppliers, we ensure that these function testers are always at the cutting edge of technology.

ICT – In-Circuit Testing

In ICT, we use an ICT test adapter to electronically check the circuitry of an assembly. One advantage of this method is that not only the entire circuit is tested, but also individual components are inspected. Faults in traces, short-circuits, open connections, solder faults and incorrectly placed components are identified and eliminated per component.