ap microelectronic Dual Studies

Dual Studies Electrical Engineering

In cooperation with the UAS Bielefeld, campus Minden, university department engineering, we offer a college place for the practical phases of the studies. 

The following departments will be attended:

  • Research and Development
  • Design
  • Process planning/production
  • Quality assurance
  • Higher education entrance qualification or advanced technical college entrance qualification
  • Completed training as electronics engineer for appliances and systems
  • or comparable training
  • Independent and self-dependent way of thinking and operation methods
  • Motivation and enthusiasm for the occupational field
  • Capacity for teamwork and communication


Duration of studies:

7 terms

Final degree:

Bachelor of Engineering (m/f)

Then we kindly ask you to send your complete application documents to the following address:

a.p. microelectronic GmbH
Königstraße 414-416
D-32427 Minden
or via E-Mail: Jobs@ap-micro.de

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